A rotary phone is what many of us remember from the days of our childhood! We are proud to offer links and information about rotary dial phones, vintage rotary phones and bold old phones!  Find the information you need and buy a great vintage phone or a newer retro style phone at our Amazon Store!

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If you are interested in antique phones follow the information links to trusted sources who refurbish, restore and refinish rotary dial phones and make them available for sale!

Old Phones for Sale

Collecting classic rotary dial phones has become popular during the last decade. These old style phones are still working proudly on the desks of many people.

For the past fifty years or more these classic American telephones have worked, almost without fail, to allow us to communicate with our friends and loved ones across the country.

In fact, these desk phones have become so popular that prices are on the rise and they are often hard to find. Check out eBay and other auction sites to find great values on these old phones. If you find a perfect phone that needs restoration you can always find links at our website to sources who will make that old phone new again!

Find the perfect rotary phone for your collection or for a gift! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hal Ries Says:

    I have a 1939 Western Elec. 302 telephone. The dial,cloth cords and F1 hand set are all original and work like new. It came to me in early 1970 as a disconect from a home in Beverly Hills. The dial plate still displays the phone number that was assigned when it was installed.I worked for Pac. Bell and my installer gave it to me for my display in my office.
    I would like to get an estimate of it’s value and possibly sell it.

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