The old fashioned rotary phone is once again gaining in popularity. Many middle aged people remember the rotary phone from the days of their youth. As hard as it is to believe, many of those older rotary phones are still in use today. In fact, there are experts around the world who collect, refurbish and return an old rotary phone back to working order! Although you can find good bargains at online auction sites such as eBay, the best deals on a vintage rotary phone can still be found at local flea markets & garage sales! These bold old phones are part of our history and are cherished as great collectible items, but also make wonderful additions to most home decor!

Rotary phones operate by way of a dial mounted on or in a telephone. This dial is designed to send electrical pulses that correspond to the number being finger dialed on the rotary phone. This is called pulse dialing.

Rotary Phone History

A bit of rotary phone history: Today’s rotary phone was originally introduced in 1904 but made popular by the Bell System starting in 1919. The rotary phone was phased out starting in the 1950′s and ultimately replaced by Touch Tone Dialing.

Some telephone systems in the US no longer recognize rotary dialing by default, but will only support push-button phones instead, in which case the rotary dialing system would have to be ordered from the telephone company as a special feature, to support older customer equipment. However most actually do accept dial phoning without fail.

In telephony, the word dialing describes the process of placing a telephone call, or more specifically of entering the number to be called into the telephone system.

Vintage Phones Have Romantic Value

Certain people simply like the design look of the rotary dial phone from yesteryear. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The bright and vibrant pink Princess rotary phone is the favorite of some people. More traditional classic rotary phone collectors prefer to collect the original Bakelite vintage rotary phone. Others collect vintage rotary phones as a hobby or investment. Whatever your situation, enjoy & remember your rotary dial telephone!

Classic Rotary Phones Are Increasing in Value as Collectibles

It may prove to be a wise investment to buy and collect classic rotary phones. The value of these old phones is increasing each year and there’s no reason to think that this will decrease over time as fewer and fewer of these old phones remain in circulation.

Visit Wikipedia for more information about your Rotary Phone.

If you are looking for someone to restore your old rotary phone talk to an expert! Here’s some more information on having your old rotary phone restored. New phones are great, but everyone loves vintage rotary telephones! Start collecting today!

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